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Having a wide experience in the organization of cargo transportations, we are ready to carry out the international automobile transportation of your cargo in optimum terms and under the low prices. Transportation by automobile transport is the most convenient and economic kind of cargo transportations. It possesses such conclusive advantages, as speed of delivery of a cargo and an opportunity of the control of its condition and a site during transportation. The geography of our automobile transportations includes the various countries of the world, for example: : Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Sweden, and also the Baltics. According to directions regular transportations are carried out.

For maintenance of precise performance of the obligations taken on the organization of delivery of cargoes in necessary volume and in target dates, our company concludes direct long-term contracts with the automobile transportation enterprises of Russia, the CIS countries,Poland and the Baltics, these are the companies with reliable and stable position in the market of freight traffic.

Our services:

Studying of needs of our clients and the offer of optimum logistical decisions:
- a choice of suitable type of a vehicle in view of all characteristics of a cargo;
- development of an optimum route.
Export-import cargo transportations in trailers which capacity from 92 to 120 m3:  
- one of the most popular kinds of delivery of cargoes approaches ideally for work with the countries of Europe. Automobile transportations possess such advantages, as speed of delivery of a cargo without intermediate trans-shipment and an opportunity of the control of its condition during transportation.
Export-import cargo transportations in refrigerator trailers capacity up to 86 m3 (33 europallets, up to 21 tons) with maintenance of the set temperature mode:
- the refrigerators providing a temperature mode from + 25 C up to -25 C.

Transportations of oversized, heavy, dangerous cargoes:

- Carry dangerous goods by road (ADR) goods as well as large and oversize goods - spetsstroytehniki, agricultural, non-standard equipment.

Transportations of modular cargoes.
Trans-shipment, storage of cargoes.
Full information support on all transit of a cargo, operative reaction and the sanction of force-major situations:
- constant tracking of a cargo current a site and granting of this information to the client. Our client always will be well informed about that occurs to a cargo in process of its promotion to a final point of a route. It will allow correcting your plans operatively in case of need .