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Our company OST Logistic works in the market of transport services more than fifteen years. For the present moment the labor collective of the company represents the highly professional and rallied command which is ready to solve your problem connected with delivery of any cargoes by motor transport in national and international messages.

Solving problems of our clients, we care of that our activity will be directed on preservation of long-term business relations.

Tracing changes of legislative norms, we consider all aspects and nuances of each order from the beginning and up to the end of its realization. Following a saying "Look before you leap" we never promise of what we are not assured on 100 %.

Adhering to a principle of high-grade documenting, including your e-mail orders, each order of the client proves to be true in writing, providing the full control over its execution.

Competently and operatively operating processes debtor and creditor debts, the company provides the full settlings.

Having executed a lead time of our clients orders, servicing on it does not come to the end. Investigating a degree of satisfaction of our clients and partners, we consider all of them remarks and wishes. Results of researches are pawned in a basis of perfection of processes of our work and granting of services.

Main principles of our work:

  1. The flexible and competitive price policy;
  2. Optimum terms of delivery of cargoes;
  3. Stability and reliability in any market situation;
  4. Precise performance of the stipulated terms and obligations;
  5. The Individual approach to each client and to the decision of each transport problem;
  6. The coordination of various variants of payment of cargo transportations.
  7.  We guarantee our clients and partners complete confidentiality of commercial information.

We will be glad to get in your person our new client - the partner of our company. We will be proud of that, having entrusted the orders with us, you will keep the desire to cooperate with us on a constant basis.